Shush! featured on Android Market

Shush was recently featured on the Android Market. Overall the added exposure was fantastic. It took me almost two years to reach 10,000 installs but just two weeks to hit 150,000:

Shush installs were flat until March 12, 2011

I make my email address available on the Shush! Market page. That yielded about 100 emails in a mix of good, bad and ugly:

Shush also received a lot of Android market reviews. Some favourites:
"Probably the best app ever, should come standard w/ every phone!"

"Amazing app. Recommend it to everyone."

"This ap is just too awesome to be free! It's perfect, and so simple a cave-man..... well, u get the picture. LOL"
I feel obliged to paste some constructive reviews to balance those:
Does yours turn off and on at random? Mine does. :-(

Didn't play well with my EVO. Uninstalled.
Some people are having genuine problems with Shush. I know there are interaction problems when some apps invisibly mute the ringer. It seems like some camera apps mute the ringer when they intend to mute only the shutter sound; I need to get in touch with the authors of those apps.

The torrent of feedback has motivated me to spend some time on some polish features. When I added status bar notifications, lots of folks complained that it was cluttering up their notification bar. No new feature goes unpunished! I made those optional and added color selection.

As is the case with software, every feature has its costs. With Shush targeting a wide variety of Android devices, this is absolutely the case. I've had many problems where graphics don't look right on some devices. For Eclair and Froyo I used a black status bar icon; this works on stock Android but disappears into the black status bar on HTC Sense. My current fire to fight is the welcome dialog no longer fits on-screen on some devices. Ugh!

I'm used to writing code for other programmers. Writing code for a less technical audience is a different game. I fear that my most celebrated feature will be that you can pick the app's color! A nice feature, but also a silly and unnecessary one.

Despite all of the extra work, having lots of users is great. Download Shush! from the Android Market.


Spooky said...

Just wanted to say that I love your app. It's so simple, yet so useful. I am always wondering about, what other apps I could use on my phone, but it's hard to actually realize things that you need and do not have yet.

Regarding the increase in downloads: it's probably due to the introduction of and especially the big ads on the top of the page.

That's how I noticed Shush! :). I saw the simple, big ad and wanted to investigate what App is behind this nice looking logo. And then, bam, it's actually something that I really need!

The new additions are great, but I don't really need them :). But I can see how others would want them (except the colors, I'll leave it at pink ;P). I hope you will keep the app in its current, simple state.

Sue said...

Hey - I also love your does my husband, co-workers etc. It is so simple, yet cat's eyes or toilet paper. Brilliant.

Would love to see a toggle on the Shush! screen that allows you to leave vibrate on/off as sometimes I want to Shush! the phone to vibrate rather than silence...could that be added one day?

Warmly - Sue

Spooky said...

@Sue: Shush! triggers on vibrate and on silence. So if you tap your volume keys down to either vibrate or silent (or if you use a Widget to set Vibrate or Silent), Shush! will trigger in both cases.

Or should at least ;)

savedme said...

Reviewed on Great app.

adam said...

Great app, one thing I want is instead of it going to just volume/ringing I would like an option to have it go to vibrate instead. If there is one just disregard this and lemme know how to get to it.

ws said...

I like Shush! very much. I also saw the feature on and on my Hero.

It would be great, if there would be a whitelist for numbers/contacts. If someone from the whitelist calls, the phone unmutes and mutes for the remaining time after the call.

mia said...

Hi! just wanted to say that I love this app. I use it all the time.

I know you're aware of the problem with Camera360, but I'm also having the same issue with Little Photo. No problems with Vignette or the stock camera on Evo. Just fyi! :-)

Keep up the good work!

Robbe said...

Just curious, but how long (days or weeks) was your app featured on the Android Market?


AJ said...

Thank you for a superb app. Shush is a little piece of elegance. When I upgrade to new android hardware this is always at the top of my list for installation.

Just been trying to find out how I can request a new feature. I've got an SGS2. When turning off the ringer volume it does not transition to silent via vibrate only. I see Sue posted to ask for a vibrate mode toggle on the Shush screen. This would be an excellent addition for those of us with devs that don't support the volume transition to silent via vibrate only mode.

Andy Tuba said...

I've been a fan of Shush for a year now and have enjoyed seeing it grow more polished and functional while staying simple and usable.

Do you have a tip jar? I'd like to buy you a beer, but there's no Donate item in the Android Market.

Jesse said...

Whenever I activate Shush, it always defaults to restoring the volume at 14%. Is there any way to fix this? I want it to default to 100%.