Shush! Ringer Restorer update

I just posted the first major update to Shush! Ringer Restorer.

I was unhappy with how the first release used a ListView to pick a duration. The scrollable control wanted fewer options, but users wanted more options. My goal was to make Shush feel fast & simple, but scrolling interfered.

This release replaces the ListView with something new: a circular slider that operates like the hour hand of a clock. It's fun, compact, and pink! Using Android's view and canvas APIs to implement was straightforward, despite the necessary trigonometry!

One potentially controversial design decision I made to limit duration granularity: they must be multiples of 30 minutes. I was afraid users would be frustrated trying to select exactly 45 minutes when touch resolution that difficult. Instead, I'm hoping users will just say, "An hour is close enough!"

Scan this to get Shush from the Android Market!

For me, this was a fun Saturday project. Have you written an Android app yet?


Moandji Ezana said...

Downloaded it, it's definitely useful.

The only thing is that it interferes a little bit with the last click that toggles vibrate on/off. I don't know if that's an Android feature or an HTC Sense feature.

It could be a little prettier, but that's a minor point.


"Have you written an Android app yet?"

Still working on it...

Joseph Takagi said...

Very useful app. The number of times I've been in a presentation and turned off and forgot to turn on. Thanks.

And... no. I've got the book and the SDK and a genuinely useful and feasible app in mind, but just not the time ;)

paul said...

The app has been very useful for me, however I was really annoyed that it always resumed at Maximum volume, so I patched it for myself by changing this two lines in

am.setStreamVolume(STREAM_RING, (int) (am.getStreamMaxVolume(STREAM_RING) * .75), 0);
Toast.makeText(context, "Ringer restored to ~75% of max volume.", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

Thought that might be of interest to others as well. Or even better - let it be configurable when shushing the phone.

parrotlover77 said...

This is an excellent free app! I want to make some changes just for myself. Can you share the source code?

First, I do actually want 15 minute resolution. :-) I have very short scrums or other short meetings that 30 minutes is too long for.

Second, I want to have the dialog dismiss itself after 10 seconds, in case the volume is muted by some other app on a schedule, so Shush will go away on its own.

I'll give the code back of course. :-) said...

Please help, it won't uninstall.

jamina1 said...

I want to! But I don't know java :(

There is a dearth of good Tarot apps (that aren't for pay-sites) and I wanted to make one of my own.

CoyoteRed said...

It's amazing that among the myriad of useless apps comes something completely out of the box and immensely useful. I'm forever forgetting to turn my ringer back on after meetings that require no interruption--like court. Then important messages get missed for hours. This saves the day--literally. Thank you!

Usman said...

Working but it disables my vibrate when silent. So I always end up with no vibration. Please fix issue.

Larry said...

Installed it...then it's still there! How can I get rid of this on my phone? Thanks.

R said...

VERY Useful app!
Quite clever in its simplicity yet usefulness.
I would echo the Android (or is it HTC) 3 'modes' of Sound Ringer/Vibrate/Silent interference.

So, I have a toggle widget that will scroll thru the modes, but Shush will 'interrupt' the toggling. that is, there is the need to 'answer' shush at each mode change (well at least for Vibrate and Silent obviously)
Perhaps a slight delay or pause from when it notices the mode change till when it becomes active.
The goal being to go from Ringer mode to Silent mode and not have to interact with Shush when stepping thru the Vibrate mode.

Michelle said...

This app is great, but I wish it worked with the silencer on the locked screen slide bar as well. I was using that to silence my phone more often than the volume rocker- other than That, great!

Joseph Gabriel said...

This is a fantastic idea, however many of use use the Lock Screen or other widget to silence the ringer without using the volume button. This is useful for two reasons: one - I don't have to step the volume down repeatedly until it goes into silent mode...two - I don't have to remember or worry about what it was previously, because the previous volume is automatically restored.

Please consider adding support for one-click silencers such as the lock screen. Thanks!

Ted said...

An issue on motorola Atrix, (Froyo 2.2):

Any time you snap a picture with the camera (or press record using the video camera), shush! thinks you are turning the phone to vibrate and pops open the pretty pink wheel.. Once you allow it to silence the phone, it will allow pictures to be taken. but i have to turn my ringer off every time i want to snap some pics..

hopefully this can be fixed..

PTP said...

I used it & find it very useful.
Though; can u update it more so that it can be used without unlocking the phone ...